Fukuoka Japan

Wow. Japan is hard to describe. Really the most beautiful stunning place I have ever been in my life, and I have been around! So perfect, clean, green, crisp air, bright blue skies, simply stunning. The people are gentle, kind and respectful. The streets are spotless. The trees are groomed into beautiful shapes. Roof tiles curl up at the edges like you see in the movies.

The snow capped mountains, steaming volcanos, natural hot springs, vintage trams, dogs in little jumpers and shoes. Everything is small. Japanese are smaller than Thai people, or so it seems.

The toilet seats are heated (if I was early and waiting I would simply perch on the loo to heat my ass) and have a digital panel where you can drown out unsavoury noises but selecting the ‘faux flush sound’ option which simulates the sound of a really loud drawn out flush! Brilliant.

We went to three different towns in Fukuoka city, each with it’s own charm and local draw card such as the 16th castle on the hill, hot springs, cobbled walking street, temples and beer bars in mini heated tents by the river.

I will load photos soon so you can get an idea of how gorgeous it was! Here is a preview




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