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Krispy kreams



Mindshare Original Thinking Awards

Annually, Mindshare has it’s own internal awards ceremony across 6 agencies and about 200 people. The judging panel consists of creative agency heads and senior media owners (neutral people basically)

The event was at Muse, Thong Lor Soi 10, which is a gorgeous restaurant / bar over-looking a busy party street. We all packed in and had some food and the only drink on offer: johnny walker black label and Pepsi. Haha

The host was a super wealthy TV talk show host who apparently has Welcome mats from Gucci at his house! He wore a pair of double-trousers i.e. Made to look like he is wearing two pairs of trousers with different waist bands! Hilarious.

The evening was frightfully confusing. My team had to tell me when to go on stage which made it hard to go for a quick cigarette or pop to the loo at any point.

Once you collected your award (bronze, silver or gold) you had to make a short speech (I bumbled through a few Thai words!) and then stand behind a huge Perspex sheet, balancing on an uneven step, and do a pose for the two over zealous photographers with huge lenses. I nearly fell through that thing about three times.

Anyway, the main point is my team (my specific category I run) won four awards which was fantastic.
1) best use of digital (silver)
2) best use of mobile (silver)
3) best integrated campaign (silver)
4) best use of individual medium (bronze)

It was a great moment for me, a lot of work and hard times settling into this team and to have moments like these represent more than awards, but rather that I feel a part of the team for the first time in nearly two years.





Queen Sirikit Park

This is worth waking up at 6:30am for!


Beauty is not skin deep

My new vanity 😉


Meat ball over dose

Today we hit Ikea (nightmare across five floors with only one traffic flow direction an you have to walk the entire thing to reach the exit) to look for a vanity set for me. Of course we ended up with a salad spinner, wooden book shelf, spice rack, candle lanterns, clothing rails, cushions, a set of marker pens and a standing make up mirror! I did find the dream mirror surrounded by lights but it was electrically complicated. So Robbie is going to get one custom made for me!!!! Here is inspiration;


After shopping for five hours we hit the Ikea restaurant for meat balls and over ordered big time. I look like a meat ball.


JJ Market

Due to the fact we are finally moving into a house we now have the excuse, for the first time in three years we are building a home and buying some beautiful pieces. A tv cabinet, garden furniture set and two stunning teak bedside tables.
All to delivered in a week when we arrive.

Oh and the only way to deal with an open Market in Thailand (30 degree heat 100% humidity) is to constantly buy 4 bhat ice lollies


Hilton Millennium Jazz

Last night we headed down to the beautiful Chao Praya River to catch the Hilton boat (love that) for a buffet dinner over looking a floating jazz stage .

The setting was gorgeous, not much beats watching the pink sun set behind the sky-rises and reflecting in the river. Then seeing all the twinkling lights come on as evening falls.

Am not a huge jazz fan but it wasn’t too bad (can someone tell me where the beat is?) although our table was too close to the stage so it felt like we were looking up the bass players nose.

The highlight was Koh The Saxman playing a song written by the King of Thailand, the low light was a dreadful girl in shiny skinny jeans who sang her own song titled ‘my love is digital’ – as Robbie pointed out, no respectful song would have the word ‘digital’ in it.

We soon realised however, despite the lovely setting, the staff were unprepared. Very disappointing when you are all dressed up and the buffet food isn’t all ready (heart breaking to open the lid to the ‘herb crusted lamb’ to find nothing but hot steam), terrible service (you could never seem to catch someone’s eye when you needed a drink) flat beer (sent back twice), no organisation when we arrived -no one to take our tickets, welcome us, show us our table- instead we wandered around while panicked staff avoided us and eventually found a seat in a couch area but were soon told to leave as it was ‘booked to the Swedish Embassy’…the list goes on.

So Robbie had a gentle word with the F&B manager who wiped our drinks bill and promised a voucher of sorts. We left before the main act and ended up having a total blast at a roof top bar on Soi 11 called Nest!

Hee hee


Thirty something face care

Ok, so I panicked and bought the whole set the day before my birthday. BUT there was a discount because anything ‘non whitening’ is always on discount as doesn’t really sell out here. thats my justification and I’m sticking to it.

So the rich serum goes on first, followed by the intense day or night cream, followed by the eye cream and and at night, topped off the a dab of illuminating night cream for the cheek bones.

Well, it beats the jar of ‘placenta anti wrinkle cream’ a girl at work gave me for my birthday!!!! Ewwwwwwww


Flipping Fish

Ing and I shared my whole fish for lunch. I we finished the one side and I prepared to flip it over, Ing told me this was bad luck. Flipping over a fish means the fisherman who caught the fish would have an accident and his boat would flip over. He gently cut the bone at the tail and lifted it off the flesh.

No fisherman were harmed during the writing of this blog 🙂


I celebrated my birthday on Saturday instead of Sunday so we would have a day to recover. Went to No Idea for lunch with Ing, Nilufar, Rex, Mark and Julie (and little Mimi) had the most delicious grilled fish. Love it when you get the entire fish on the plate lying snuggly on a bed of fresh lettuce with sprigs of asparagus. Yum.

Robbie surprised me on Friday night with an old school vintage style pink bike with basket and a bow on the handle bars! Went for a sunrise ride around Queen Sikrit Park which is gorgeous and has a flat cycle track around a lake. My new mission is to cycle before work every day 🙂

Today we took a boat across the river in search of eggs Benedict. It seems to be quite a rare item in Thailand so I ended up with a salmon and egg tramazini! Haha was Delish and so fab sitting by the river with cool wind billowing in my haries.