Mindshare Original Thinking Awards

Annually, Mindshare has it’s own internal awards ceremony across 6 agencies and about 200 people. The judging panel consists of creative agency heads and senior media owners (neutral people basically)

The event was at Muse, Thong Lor Soi 10, which is a gorgeous restaurant / bar over-looking a busy party street. We all packed in and had some food and the only drink on offer: johnny walker black label and Pepsi. Haha

The host was a super wealthy TV talk show host who apparently has Welcome mats from Gucci at his house! He wore a pair of double-trousers i.e. Made to look like he is wearing two pairs of trousers with different waist bands! Hilarious.

The evening was frightfully confusing. My team had to tell me when to go on stage which made it hard to go for a quick cigarette or pop to the loo at any point.

Once you collected your award (bronze, silver or gold) you had to make a short speech (I bumbled through a few Thai words!) and then stand behind a huge Perspex sheet, balancing on an uneven step, and do a pose for the two over zealous photographers with huge lenses. I nearly fell through that thing about three times.

Anyway, the main point is my team (my specific category I run) won four awards which was fantastic.
1) best use of digital (silver)
2) best use of mobile (silver)
3) best integrated campaign (silver)
4) best use of individual medium (bronze)

It was a great moment for me, a lot of work and hard times settling into this team and to have moments like these represent more than awards, but rather that I feel a part of the team for the first time in nearly two years.






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