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Here I am again! Fabulous Singapore! It’s blue skies, no traffic and English everywhere horay!

Although all this travel is exhausting,
Learning to sleep in an economy seat and be ok with kitchen and noodles for breakfast (better than that fake egg) are new adaptations to my new mile high habitat.

Duty free rocks too



Perfect Saturday




Gay Parade

As always in Thailand, one minute you ate doing something totally normal like taking a taxi to JJ Market, and the next you are watching a gay/3rd gender/tranny parade walking down the main road.
Only in Thailand! Love it.



First BBQ

Out very first BBQ in the new house!


Public aerobics!

Group M, my company, has an annual fund raiser for charity called ‘Power of 1’
For some reason this year someone had the bright idea of making nearly 400 people do aerobics in a public park at 7am. I know, crazy right? Who does that and why would you? Anyway, we all had to wake at sparrows (some earlier than others, I live close to the park) to be there before sunrise and the 40 degree heat.

With grown men in spandex and and hot pants, and one woman in black jeans, we rocked in the sun for 45 killer minutes. The funniest thing was the lack of coordination and rhythm. Watching people bump into the other and seeing an ocean of flailing legs and arms was highly amusing.

Best part is Robbie and cycle there and he photographed me leaping about in the sun trying to understand Thai instructions to a remix of a Celine Dion live song. Only in Thailand.





Just returned from three days in Singapore at our regional office. Lots of work and late nights with my colleagues in that team. Met my friends beautiful two year old daughter whose name is Daisy and has a huge head of curls.
Here is a photo map of my life over the past few days. Oh, and another highlight was the purchase if my first Karen Millen dress in pink!

Am exhausted but loving life.


Oskar Bistro Soi 11

Clearly the new hot spot in bangkok, Oskar Bistro on Sukhumvit Soi 11. packed with young trendies and old cling-ons. Every type was there, high class hookers, teachers, couples, tourists and expat bankers crowding the bar like flies.

We got a great seat on the balcony to people watch and check over the menu. We had the worlds most stern and miserable, yet amazingly efficient! Literally, she would walk away while we were in the middle of ordering, sigh, roll her eyes, the list goes on. Yet each thing turned up perfectly and at the same time (getting food at the same time in thailand is extraordinary, and don’t even bother with expecting your starter to come before your mains) it was impossible to complain.

The food wad incredible! Robbie had a juicy wagu burger and I had a cheese, rocket and anchovy pizza which rocked!

Delish and highly recommended



My crazy team



A colleague of mine was late to work today because her friend went into labour, got stuck in traffic on the way to the hospital and gave birth IN the taxi.

Thankfully her mother was with her and caught the baby! The father then spotted a policeman and shouted for help. The road completely gridlocked in all directions. The cop made a phone call and suddenly ALL the traffic lights turned green in their favour! Although she had birthed, the green lights got her to a waiting hospital crew who had ready-made curtains on wheels to get her out the taxi with her pride in tact. Clearly this happens often. How crazy is that?

Happy Valentines Day

Came home to this beautiful table setting in the corner of our garden with music playing and cold bubbles in a glass.
Robbie then cooked, single handedly, a cheese souffle (four!) which was light fluffy and melt in your mouth, followed by slow cooked lamb shank on a bed of leek mustard mash and finally a chocolate bomb with vanilla ice cream and a sprig of mint!

He is now floating in the pool cooling off (no fan on while cooking due to gas flame) and talking about his future as a chef. I would totes pay for his food!