Public aerobics!

Group M, my company, has an annual fund raiser for charity called ‘Power of 1’
For some reason this year someone had the bright idea of making nearly 400 people do aerobics in a public park at 7am. I know, crazy right? Who does that and why would you? Anyway, we all had to wake at sparrows (some earlier than others, I live close to the park) to be there before sunrise and the 40 degree heat.

With grown men in spandex and and hot pants, and one woman in black jeans, we rocked in the sun for 45 killer minutes. The funniest thing was the lack of coordination and rhythm. Watching people bump into the other and seeing an ocean of flailing legs and arms was highly amusing.

Best part is Robbie and cycle there and he photographed me leaping about in the sun trying to understand Thai instructions to a remix of a Celine Dion live song. Only in Thailand.





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