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Fresh hair



Frozen plum

Sad face


Bananas haunt me

Most of you know how much I loathe the evil fruit called banana. I hate them. Not sure where the phobia comes from (my brother used to drape the peels around my room) but I can’t stand them near me unless I am in control of it myself. If someone else is handling one, I leave the room. By now, everyone in my office kindly respects my phobia and don’t eat them in the office (like a shark with blood, I can smell a banana hours after it has been eaten)

So our regional digital support dude, Ben, came to visit from singapore and was using whatever spare desk that was available to plug into the network as he was here all week.

While I was out, he used my desk. I then returned from a meeting to find the HORROR of his breakfast banana ON my desk (see evidence below)
He wasn’t around to scream at so I got a friend to “take care of it” which he did (after waving it in my face twice)

Ben returned. I told him he should know better, he claimed ignorance and sulked off looking for his lunch.

I went to another meeting an when I returned I found this sign on my window which reads “LOST- one much loved banana. Answers to the name of Trevor. Reward offered”




Floating dinner

Best dinner ever eaten IN the pool! Pie and potato wedges and baked beans! Haha


Roast dinner

Robbie out-doing himself yet again with dinner for our friends Mark, Julie and their three kids. Roast chicken with herb stuffing, Brussel sprouts with bacon and cashew, carrots, roast spuds and sweet corn (and gravy)

Followed by apple Tartin Tart




Sunday happiness

Once Robbie threatened the workman driving a digger next door, our tranquility was restored. Nothing beats a Sunday reading in the pool.


Chinese merit

Today is a big day in the Chinese calendar. As you know, there are many Chinese and Thai/Chinese living in Thailand do their traditions are mainstream. Today is an annual giving merit day when most families visit grave sites of their ancestors to give offerings and pray for luck love and wealth.

Here are two photos my friends sent me of their merit givings. How beautiful is that graveyard! One of the most expensive sites to buy a spot in Thailand.



Night out

With Ing at the Garret Ekami 🙂





Flash Mob Interruption

Today I had to give a two hour lecture at Unilever to their interns and new recruits. About an hour in, and as people where visibly slumping, we heard some music getting louder and louder outside the door. Eventually it got so loud no one could hear me, even with the microphone. So we stared at the door, all 40 of us as the volume continued to rise.

Suddenly, in burst two dudes with a boom box!!

They were shortly followed by a tall model in black, strutting in and standing directly in front of me! Then another and another until there were five! Quite hilarious and awkward as everyone was looking at me like “what the hell?” and the it was revealed as a Tresemme launch flash fob! Each model had a unique hair style and QR Code to access a hair tutorial. Very smart.

After they left, I explained it was my own pre arranged commercial break 🙂

Hilarious and just what we needed to wake up! Haha



Botanical Gardens

Ok maybe not, but check out our new garden that Robbie organised!!! How beautiful! Muddy paw prints all over the house but it’s worth it (had to soak grass to help it take root)