Totes Amaze

Yes, I make up words (oceanous/meeping) names (Bo/Nancy-Pants) and customise and adopt what I hear (amaze turns into amaze-balls, fabuloscity remains fabuloscity)

I love silly popular culture words like ‘cray-cray’ for crazy (say it out loud and you will smile and adopt) and shortening words that are not even long in the first place, such as: totes instead of totally, coolio instead of cool, vom instead of vomit, brill or brillo instead of brilliant- any word with an ‘o’ at the end is good and originally invented by my mother (who also makes up words like ‘squinch’ meaning perfection or utterly spotless)

My father made up ‘twidley two’ – the worlds biggest number (ask my brother, he believed this for years and even tried to convince his school friends of it)

Brilliante (pronounced brill ee aunt te)

Creepyteelium for ‘scary’ with emphasis

Or bringing back old fashioned classics like vomitarium, latrine, water closet, blouse, frock and pantaloons.

Adding ‘ella’ works a treat and is a firm fave of mine. Stunnerella, flavourella, delisharella, gorgarella. I also like to add it to end of people’s names. Like Donna was Donnarella, Nonny became Nonarella.

Alicious works to! For adding to names
Like my friend Kemi is Kemalicious!

Pie is common – Ler pie! Robbies nick name IS pie!

And then there are accidental names like Hob (Leah) 🙂 an original born from computer phone key pad typing on a BB.
Laterz trolls



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