Bananas haunt me

Most of you know how much I loathe the evil fruit called banana. I hate them. Not sure where the phobia comes from (my brother used to drape the peels around my room) but I can’t stand them near me unless I am in control of it myself. If someone else is handling one, I leave the room. By now, everyone in my office kindly respects my phobia and don’t eat them in the office (like a shark with blood, I can smell a banana hours after it has been eaten)

So our regional digital support dude, Ben, came to visit from singapore and was using whatever spare desk that was available to plug into the network as he was here all week.

While I was out, he used my desk. I then returned from a meeting to find the HORROR of his breakfast banana ON my desk (see evidence below)
He wasn’t around to scream at so I got a friend to “take care of it” which he did (after waving it in my face twice)

Ben returned. I told him he should know better, he claimed ignorance and sulked off looking for his lunch.

I went to another meeting an when I returned I found this sign on my window which reads “LOST- one much loved banana. Answers to the name of Trevor. Reward offered”





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