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RCA celebration

Ing and I went to RCA after the awards to celebrate. RCA is in Rachada and is a small city of clubs, bars and restaurants for every taste. Incredible place that turns into walking streets after 8pm.



MAT Awards

Axe won a silver at the annual Marketing Association of Thailand last Friday. This is a really big deal and one of the most prestigious awards in the country. Over 60 entries and only three winners: Sizzlers, Axe and S Pure.
The event was held at the Emerald Hotel.



Blood on chicken

I choose this meal out of a huge bag, not really checking too closely. Sat down, opened the lid and noticed what looked a combination between a skinned snake and brown vom.
Turns out it was worse, it’s congealed blood. Nice.


24 hour round trip

To Singapore and back. Talk about exhausting to the max. I landed at midnight in singapore on Sunday night at the York Hotel on Mt Elizabeth, up at 6am to run a Unilever workshop with my gorgeous friend Kemi (in blue jacket), fined workshop at 7pm, mad rush to airport to catch 8:30pm flight (thank fuk for Internet checkin!) and just landed at 11pm in BKK

My ears are totally blocked but I watched two great documentaries on the plane: one called “Money, 40,000£” which was interviews with five separate people/ couples who all earn around £40,000 a year and what they deem important. Quite brilliant, sad and hilarious.

One guy, a train driver, when asked if he considered money when choosing his profession answered: “No, i love mu job. in my opinion, one should like what you do coz it eats into the day a bit”

Another couple who had tried for a child, fell pregnant, naturally, with triplet girls (a one-in-2-hundred-million chance) and the father had to give up his dream of being an engineer because they couldn’t afford child care in the short term while he studied. 😦

Anyway, here is pic of my 25 hours


Limon Chello

We found the most incredible authentic Italian restaurant tucked back off the main road on Friday night. Robbie had read about it (an interview with a politician who said it’s his favourite spot) and there is no way you would simply find it. Shoved behind a huge monstrous wine bar it looks like a private house. No bright lights or flash signage. Just simple, Limon Chello.

And what a fantastic meal! All the staff are Italian so it felt really authentic and family run.
Food top class!



Little Kitchen Chitlom

This little Thai restaurant is constantly packed (with Thai people- a good sign!) and we can never normally be bothered to wait in the queue. Today however, I hit Marks and Spencers while Robbie got a table.

For some reason the staff in M&S love to mill about, fondling and re-folding your clothes, chatting, disappearing, forgetting to run your store points card, helping someone else behind you etc. So for the first time we got a seat in the famous Little Kitchen!

Our eggplant tempura with mango sauce turned up in a different format to the menu photo, but we ate it anyway, only to get the correct item after consumption, so no idea what the first item was (some bland root) haha


Food, spas and silliness

Delicious grilled salmon with creamy mash and hollandaise sauce! And salt baked whole sole with garlic and pepper for lunch!




Hua Hin

Robbie hand stand competition and yum food.





Hua Hin new year

Happy New Year Thailand!






There was an 8.3 earthquake in Indonesia on Wednesday while I was in Singapore and Robbie in Phuket. Our office building swayed for about four minutes and we were all evacuated down 12 flights of stairs. Quite a scary experience. Then the worst news came in about a possible Tsunami hitting Phuket.
Robbie got all his guests up a big hill and there they waited listening to the distant sounds of the Tsunami warning sirens along the beach.
It was the not-knowing that was the worst.. They said ‘if’ a wave does hit Phuket it will hit at 6:18pm (this was at 5:30) so you can only imagine how that felt.

In the end the water only rose 30cm, something to do with the earth plates under the sea moving vertically not horizontally meaning no volume of water was displaced like in the 2004 Boxing Day flood.

They evacuated the airport on Phuket so Robbie missed his flight home, but Air Asia got him on the 12 o clock the following day, thank God.

We are now in Hua Hin Hilton for Thai New Year until Monday and this holiday could not have come at a better time. So grateful.

Here some pics of my Singapore office evac and Robbies hill on Phuket