Public Arrest

Just witnessed my first live arrest! Robbie and I were quietly having breakfast on Soi 4 when two policemen on a motorbike suddenly stopped in front of a Nigerian dude who was texting on his phone and was caught by surprise.

They demanded he empty his pockets and suddenly he made a sprint for it! He got about two steps before they pounced on him, grabbing his neck and kicking his legs! All quite a lame scrabble, not like you see in the movies where the cop gets the baddie on the floor!
They got one handcuff on his wrist and he stated screaming and pulling away. More slapping and kicking (not hard at all) and the cops didn’t utter a word, just kept pointing to his pockets while he freaked out. One tuk tuk, several tourists and a bunch of intrigued street sellers crowded round to watch the events, some while chomping on ice cream.
Then, to our shock and disbelief, the cops locked the other hand cuff to their motorbike and made him get on and sit between them!!!!! And off the went!
How odd!


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