24 hour round trip

To Singapore and back. Talk about exhausting to the max. I landed at midnight in singapore on Sunday night at the York Hotel on Mt Elizabeth, up at 6am to run a Unilever workshop with my gorgeous friend Kemi (in blue jacket), fined workshop at 7pm, mad rush to airport to catch 8:30pm flight (thank fuk for Internet checkin!) and just landed at 11pm in BKK

My ears are totally blocked but I watched two great documentaries on the plane: one called “Money, 40,000£” which was interviews with five separate people/ couples who all earn around £40,000 a year and what they deem important. Quite brilliant, sad and hilarious.

One guy, a train driver, when asked if he considered money when choosing his profession answered: “No, i love mu job. in my opinion, one should like what you do coz it eats into the day a bit”

Another couple who had tried for a child, fell pregnant, naturally, with triplet girls (a one-in-2-hundred-million chance) and the father had to give up his dream of being an engineer because they couldn’t afford child care in the short term while he studied. 😦

Anyway, here is pic of my 25 hours



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