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First day in Bali

Wow this place is gorgeous. Bali island is certainly dramatic with all its cliff tops and winding roads. Our hotel Ayana, is 10kms from the airport but took us an our to reach because of how slow you have to drive up the narrow winding hills. The scene is beautiful, the hotel is set on 77hectres of land and has breathtaking views. My room is fabulous and overlooks a frangipani tree full of little birds.
Everyone met in The Rock bar for sunset, it is at the bottom of a cliff and you have to take a cable car to get there (or hike down a million stairs! No way) There is even a DJ booth set into the cliff!











On the way to the airport in the pouring tropical rain at 6am. Slept like crap as I always do before a flight, so did Robbie (in Phuket) so we talked at 5am 🙂

Fin is never impressed with suitcases but this was so cute I had to photograph him. I eventually carried his bed up stairs and put it next to my bed and he moved there!




Not sure of my blogging ability in Bali but I will write if I get the chance! Or look forward to a five day photo diary on Saturday 🙂


At the entrance to the Marriott Gym, there is a table which always has a new display made up of random its from their gift shop. Obviously, being a shopper at heart, I take a pause on my way to yoga.

About a month ago there was a frog. The most beautiful, serene looking frog sitting in a yoga pose, in history.

I should have bought him then and there, but he was quite expensive so I figured I would think about it. He was sold. I begged the lady at the gift shop to get me another one, but the dude who makes them font have any left from that range. I was SO upset and actually dreamt about him twice. They even called me down a few weeks later to see a bigger version, he was not the same.

Today, after a hardcore bendy yoga class (and even some lights off yoga!!) the receptionist said “Amy we have your frog!” I had almost forgotten! “we got one made for you and are keeping him downstairs!” off I went, trying not to run, and there he was, waiting for me. And here he is. Fabulous right!? Isn’t he perfect!?


Shrunken sandwich

Villa Market (shop with expat food) used to stock the most kick ass egg mayo sandwiches. I would treat myself to one a week when I didn’t have time to take a lunch break and would happily gobble them over my lap top with a ton of serviettes to catch the crumbs.

One day, after excitedly unwrapping my fresh sandwich and looking left and right for any witnesses to me scoffing in record unladylike speed, when I realised there was only three slices of bread. Think about it. Two sandwiches mean four slices of bread right? They had made it with three! So it was this giant triple decker that I had to stretch my mouth over to eat! Luckily everyone else was at lunch. I figured it was a one-off mistake and settled back into work.
A few weeks later I bought another one, without checking, to realise there was a slice missing again. Scream!! So I swore to never buy one again, stingy cost-cutting bastards.

Today, I bought one. It has been MONTHS since I had my last experience and I just didn’t think too much about it (and egg mayo is rare in Thailand) so I bought one.

Got to my desk, yes, you guessed, three slices BUT what was more disturbing was the fact the entire semi sandwich had shrunk! It was a shadow of its former self! Literally, it bumped around its case like one smartie in its tube!

So not only have I been robbed of one slice, but now it’s shrunk to a kiddie portion! Scream. No more!!



Blogging n shopping

My ideal day, shopping and taking a break for a scone, giant latte and fashion blog photo edit session….all inside the mall on comfy couch with striped cushions because I am a non smoker (seven days and going strong)



Red Shirts- Lumpini

Today red shirt supporters from all over the country (mostly up country) have taken thousands of bus coaches into the city centre for a kind of memorial. The buses surround the biggest park, Lumpini, and many roads have been blocked off by police.

The BTS Skytrain was ‘under repairs’ but I think that is a safety measure.

Am trying to find out more from taxi drivers, but it is certainly peaceful with lots of flowers and flags.

Here is a pic from the back of my taxi driving between rows and rows of buses.




Weath Management is key



Granny Yoga

As you well now, this is day three of not smoking. Am surprisingly OK but I think that is because the time is right for me now to quit. Most of my friends have quit or only smoke one a day, and no one wants to be the only smoker left in the village. Am eating lots of gum and fruit, my skin is like a pizza, am coughing, and I can’t sleep. So this morning I got up at 4am and stood in my bathroom, which at that time, was the most entertaining spot I could think of (the window over looks a Lebanese restaurant and there is always someone milling about)

Robbie, a person who loves to be up before the rest of the world, heard me milling and was so delighted leapt out of bed and made me a steaming cup of tea and talked me into a 6am Yoga class! Of course I agreed, what the HELL else is one supposed to do from 4 until 7am? (when you don’t smoke)

So off we went, in the dark, to gym.

The yoga session was intimidating at first, the rows of rubber mats and neatly rolled towels. I took the mat furthest to the back, of course, only to realize it was the front as the instructor came in and smiled as he sat two inches from me. As soon as he went to put in his mix tape I ran to the real back of the room.

Then, 7 Thai grannies came in, all about 5ft2 and giggling hysterically. I was relieved they weren’t expert looking and settled in. WELL how wrong could I have been??!! These late 60’s women kicked my ass in flexibility 100%! Shocking! Legs straight in the air, or hands flat on ground, bending backwards, balancing on one leg and twisting left and right with hands above their heads! I was a quivering wreck trying to keep up.

There were a few funny moments (other than me not understanding the instructor who spoke Thai) like this pose where you lie on your stomach, bend your knees, grab your ankles behind your back and pull so you lift off the mat in a circle. Once up, you kind of get stuck there. So the woman next to me rolled over and couldn’t let go or catch her balance and rolled right into my mat and into me, sending me rolling into the next woman! We were all in hysterics as the instructor came to unlock us all, no one released their ankles!

Finally the last 10 minutes are set to lie still, focusing on deep breathing and clearing of the mind.

Yeah right. I snuck out and had a squizz around the hotel gift shop instead 😉


Am aiming to quit smoking once and for all. Am putting it out there so if I fail I will feel guilty and try harder. I am spending on chewing and apples to prevent eating my way through this. I also bought a necklace which has a sad face on one side and a happy face on the other side so my teams knows when not to bother me hahaha





Dinner and addictions

Look at this yummy pork schnitzel Robbie made with super size salad. Delish.