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Bad Mannequin Day

There is a 50% sale on at Siam And Central World. This is across all brands everywhere from food and clothing to gadgets and stationary.

While I was trying on a pile of dressed I noticed three badly put together mannequins learning at me. They had the worst hair styled wigs I have EVER seen! Hope you can see in the pic.

Then I noticed Kate Spades mannequins flashing me! Seriously, they are positioned so you look directly up their skirts! Shocking.





Guess who is outta town

And who is jn charge of their own dinner? Haha
My favourite Thai dish, moo grattium kai dauw – garlic pork, steam rice with a fried egg. Add dashings of Maggi soy sauce!


Black out

Huge Bangkok power cut meant our entire office block was plunged into darkness – but not silence thanks to all the annoying alarms and beeps that rise up out of the night. No air con or elevators, just the dull glow of PC and IPhone screens and the pattering rain outside. Sounds like a movie plot haha



Nachos and book sellers

Loving the DIY chicken nachos at Greyhound Cafe, Emporium. And the most fabulous book if any of you are looking!




Last night we went on a mission to find a new place for dinner and do a bit of walking around lower Silom.

I love finding cool doorways and having a pose. This little pub was so pretty and quirky and had nice G&T’s.

Here are some other pics of everyone setting up their night market stalls.

We ended up at an old regular for dinner….haha




Giant Latte

I ordered a Grande latte in Starbucks by mistake, I normally have a ‘tall’ which is similar to a normal mug. A Grand however, is a bucket, or fish bowl. Look at the size of those thing!!


Fin Pizza

This is real dog pizza! How cool!




Three stop night out

Above 11 AGAIN because it’s so fabulous. And I discovered ChocoTinis (chocolate martinis) and fresh salmon maki which is always worth returning for.

The elevator that takes you up to the roof is totally concealed among fake vines. here is a pic of me looking for the button and trying to do a model pose.

I call this post ‘Three stop’ as we started at a Mexican for nachos, then Marshmallow for a Mojito, then Above 11 for sushi and ChocoTinis and finally Nest which was uncharacteristically rubbish with a broken speaker and uncomfy chairs.






Hungry Ghecko

How cool is this little dude? We are at Charlie Browns on Soi 11 and this little lizard crawled up quite casually, placed one foot on the bottle and licked off the moisture. As robbie said ‘my kinda ghecko’


Dotty Dreams

Sorry for previous post, for those of you who follow my fashion blog you would have noticed I uploaded a fashion post to this blog hahahaa sorreeeeeeee