Normally Robbie takes me to work on his scooter. You all know my office is literally at the top of my road so it’s only a 7 minute walk, but exposure to prolonged humidity can ruin ones hair. So he takes me in 30 seconds.

He flew to Phuket this morning at 6am, and at 8am the heavens opened. It was so heavy you couldn’t hear the TV on full. So fin and I wrapped ourselves in a blanket and watched a Next Top Model re-run 🙂
When the rain eventually eased to a light drizzle, I attempted the walk. Total floadation (my word) across all the driveways which left me ankle deep in brown water. I waded, hopped, balanced and yelped (as a roach the size of a bird came up from a drain) my way into Starbucks for a calming latte.
Squished down to the supermarket to buy a small tea towel and washed my feet.




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