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Team day out

It was a team celebration day out today! Awesome for a Friday! We had Japanese style BBQ and lots of games which where hilarious and chaotic! Happy Friday 🙂






Walk in wardrobe

Today I went to Mega Bangna, the biggest shopping mall in Asia (or the world, I can never remember) It has everything you can possibly imagine, and then some. I went a bit mad in miss Selfridge, Topshop, Gap, Jaspal and a few other spots (watch my blog for the items!) and then to Ikea for clothing rails! The best invention ever. This way you can see your clothing and easily get inspired. I even constructed them myself! (Fin helped by eating the box and instructions)

How cute does my bedroom/closet look? (I have a very understanding and supportive husband)




10,000 hits!

Hooray! Finally reached 10,000 blog views on my site! I started blogging mid May which means just over three months and gaining momentum. Thank you to everyone who has supported my fashion passion by signing up for emails for simply visiting me once in a while. Xxxxxx


Saturday happiness

One of my favourite things to do on a Saturday or Sunday is hit the shops for a few hours and then eat lunch while flicking through a fashion magazine all
alone. Every girl needs time to herself, even of you only have an hour, it’s so precious and wonderful.



Friday Bliss

My fave spot on a Friday night




Cool clouds

Driving back from Unilever to see these incredible clouds over the city.


Mothers Day in Thailand

We have yet another public holiday on Monday as this is The Queen of Thailand’s Birthday which is national Mother’s Day.
My maid gave me a present, I guess she sees me as Fins Mum (spot on!) and it was so beautifully wrapped I felt quite emo. Inside the box were two nearly folded sheets of Thai patterned cotton from North Eastern Thailand. Am not entirely sure what to do with them, perhaps a table cloth for special occasions? Or cut and hem into a pashmina? That could be cool.


Above 11 – again

Had one of the best nights ever on Friday night. Obviously the fact our two best friends are coming to visit has added a degree of renewed love for our adopted city.
Above 11 – the roof top bar and restaurant on Soi 11 – is an all time favourite of mine. It serves the most scrumptious sushi and each dish sits like an artwork before you.
Also, the discovery of their chocolate martinis – yay-ness





Allergy Test

My sinuses have been playing havoc for a few months now so I finally made an appointment with an allergy specialist. The Bangkok Hospital, although a bit further out of town, is run like an oiled machine. No waiting, all staff speak several languages, amazing doctors. All very impressive and beats my experience at Bumrangrad.

Right now I am having a lung function test (stylish photo attached) and then I return for a full allergy test where they prick your arms with a bunch of Allergin stimuli. What fun.

Did you know that allergies in a new location take a full year to kick in? So the first year your body goes through each new season and then decides, ok, done, now sneeze.
So either i sort this out or move country every 12 months.


Happiness Ring

Pedicure. Shopping trip to Siam. pink happy ring and salmon cream cheese bagel. Nice Saturday:)