Feeling Happy

Every day when I talk my short walk to and from work, I pass a huge construction site. On this site, from what I can see, are four Burmese families. Each family has a small child or baby. They are not allowed to leave the construction site by law (little food carts stop at the entrance so they can shop) which, although I understand the government has to control this, is rather heartbreaking to see.
These kids have nothing, and when I mean nothing I mean NOTHING. They play with bricks and iron rods. Or they sit around a little table, they china rating on their folded arms, and stare into space.

I managed to get a little bag together of toys, colouring books and pens (people at work donated their kids old toys) and took it over there. They were all quite shy and surprised, and it was awkward, until a tiny little girl toddled over to me and stood staring. I pulled out a ball and she grabbed it, smiled and toddled off.
Best feeling ever.



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