Save the date

My second Thai wedding! This time I know to bring cash in the same envelop as the invitation that was given to me (so the bride and groom know its me) and not to be on time (arrive at least an hour after whatever the invite says) and don’t wear purple (as my friend did at another Thai wedding – it’s the colour of divorce)
The theme is ‘colourful’ and the groom loves neon. So am in pink with neon pink Aldo heels!
For the invitation the bride and groom do a full wedding shoot before the big day- rented wedding dress, flowers, professional male up etc but its not the same dress as the real wedding day. And they don’t announce an engagement, it simply goes from dating to married (although close friends know they are engaged there is no party or frantic calls to parents involved) or ring for that matter.
Ok, I think I get it now!






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