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Shady Trees

I love this street, one of the few in BKK city with trees lining both sides of the road.




Worlds ugliest shoes

Spotted today while I was eating ice cream



Greek Sunday

Blissful Sunday in the pool planning our five year wedding anniversary in Greece this September. It’s always been my dream to go there and now we are making it happen this year.
Oh – and my delicious French toast, maple syrup and turkey bacon 🙂
Happy Sunday everyone




Ageing Hand Cream

Love how this hand cream is labelled as ‘Ageing Hand Cream’ instead of ‘Anti ageing Hand Cream’
Old hands anyone?



One of our favourite breakfast spots is Au Bon Pan – there are several across the city (one even IN a hospital) and we went to the one in Thong Lor which has a lovely outside area and open-style mall.
The Breakfast Bagel is hard to resist. Egg, crispy bacon and a slice of melted cheese on a hot fresh bagel. YUM-A-LICIOUS!!!



Slippers at work

Bizarre accepted custom. Wearing normal shoes to get to work and then changing into your slippers, which you then keep on to leave your office and building. This girl was on her way to eat lunch at a food hall!!! Hah



Fin sleeping – he needs to feature once a week because he IS the worlds best puppy 🙂



Round Up

Of a few things. First the ever Delish Vietnamese restaurant at Siam Centre ‘Pho’ Just LOOK at that bowl of utter delight. After congratulating ourselves on such a healthy lunch, we hit Svensens for a bucket of Sticky Chewy Chocolate ice cream and fudge sauce! Hahaha

And Robbies Delish clam chowder soup with feta and roast tomato bruschetta






Jackie Kennedy

I adore anything about the Kenndys. I have read most books, historical and autobiographical. The more photos the better. Just when I though I had read them all I discovers this memoir written by her personal secret service agent. Can’t wait to get started.
Here ends the book review 🙂


Jutujuk Market

Hot, sweaty, smelly. Three words to best describe this teeming open market. The size of a small city, and hugely confusing, this place fills Robbie and I with utter dread.

It’s like, each time you leave, they change the lanes and re print the wafer thin maps to ensure a level of desperation and anxiety. And they succeed. Locals and tourists bump into one another, enormous sweat stains down their backs, clinging to huge plastic bags of random stuff they will most likely never use.

The only good thing is the illusive furniture section. It’s relatively peaceful and there are fans and a few decent coffee shops to cool off in. The good news is I ordered my custom 3-mirror thingy (reference pic attached) and bought a gorgeous set of hotel linen in white. But that’s IT. We shall not be returning for some time to come.