New watering hole

On a gorgeous cobbled street on the way home from work (I e-biked today!!!) we were drawn into this beautiful bar/tapas place. Lovely half-inside half-outside seating under those cool steam mist machines (not me, they make my hair expand)
Lovely salad, home made bread and dips, calamari, grilled sardines, chocolate hot pot and coffee… Perfect end to a long day at work!

Oh and the most awful huge oily lunch (photo of huge plate with Simon) I had to photograph. They actually gave us a ladle to serve ourselves it was so vast. Disgusting. Huge oil rings settling around each of the three dishes! I could barely make eye contact.

And when Simon asked for a doggy bag, the waitress brought plastic containers to the table, whilst eating a slice of sponge cake (this is not a comedy sketch) held in one hand. She soon realises she can’t dismantle the vast plate into the too-small container with one hand, so she looks at the cake, then at the plastic bowl, and shoves the entire slice of sponge cake into her mouth in one go.

Simons and I laughed so hard she choked and ran off to no doubt clear her throat. Another lady appeared to lift the dish and tip it. Of course a third of the contents flopped onto the table on either side of the bowl. Honestly!!!!!! Hellooooo???!!! Twilight zone!!!







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